Animation Workshops

Lou is an art workshop facilitator and loves to get people of all ages and backgrounds interested in art and thinking creatively. She has taught at venues including the Royal College of Art, National Gallery, Royal Drawing School, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Natural History Museum, British Museum in London, Edinburgh Drawing School, Edinburgh Printmakers, National Library of Scotland and Manchester Royal Infirmary.

If you’d like to enquire about Lou’s workshops just drop her a line via the Contact Me page.

Here are some examples of animations participants have created during the sessions.

Abstract Animation Created by patients and staff across Manchester Royal Infirmary

‘Optical Dance’


‘Sticker Dance’


Animation Weekend Workshop at the Royal Drawing School



National Libraries of Scotland Moving Image Archive Workshop Animations

St Denis’ Primary School


Golfhill Primary School


City of Glasgow College

Printmaking into Animation at Edinburgh Printmakers

Abstract Animation

This monoprinted animated sequence was created by a collection of artists aged between 2 – 90 years old at Edinburgh Printmakers

Evening Workshop at the Royal Drawing School

Animated Life Drawings at the Royal College of Art

RCA extramural students created this hand-drawn animation.

Drawing a journey through The National Gallery

A hand-drawn collaborative animated sequence created by students attending 15 years+ West Prince’s Drawing Club.

Figure in Rotation

This collaborative animation was created by the students in the 15 years+ West Drawing Club at the National Gallery in London.

Large Scale Charcoal Animation

New Fine Art Foundation course students worked together in order to create a large scale collaborative charcoal animation.

November 2012

October 2013

Hampstead School of Art – Animated Sequences

Large Scale Animated Storyboard Sequence

In January 2014 the New Fine Art Foundation Students created these collaborative animated narrative sequences.

Animal Metamorphosis

New Fine Art Foundation Course students created this collaborative animated sequence.

Life Drawing Sequence

An Animated Journey Through The Southbank

Head Rotation

A collaborative animation created by

Morphing Portraits

A collaborative metamorphosing portrait created by students in the 15 years+ West Drawing Club at the National Gallery in London.

Cupid Complaining to Venus

An animated interpretation of ‘Cupid Complaining to Venus’ (originally created by Lucas Cranach the Elder) by students aged 10 – 14 years at the Whitechapel Drawing Club.

A journey through the British Museum Art Studio

Students at the Camden 10 – 14 years Drawing Club each created this drawn animated sequence.

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